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Canadian Companies and China's New Cybersecurity

China has green-lit a controversial cybersecurity law, despite foreign countries opposing it. The law may grant Beijing unprecedented access to foreign companies' technology and hamstring their operations in the world's second-largest economy. Anthony Lacavera, chairman at Globalive Holdings, discusses the implications for Canada and the rest of the world. He speaks on The Daily Brief.


Could AI Soon Decide Who Gets A Bank Loan?

While it's difficult to predict what path the Artificial Intelligence industry will take one thing is for sure - the world's biggest tech giants are investing heavily in this. AI is also taking the banking industry by storm with fin-tech. One of Canada's largest banks, CIBC, just announced a deal to team with AI-enabled lender Borrowell to allow consumers to apply for small loans. Globalive Capital Chairman Anthony Lacavera tracked all of the latest trends at one of the top AI conferences in Toronto titled CDL Machine Learning. He says banks could soon use machine algorithms to measure, for example, which clients could default and when.


Lacavera: Samsung's $5B Profit Hit From Note 7 Too Low

Samsung disclosed a negative impact of approximately $5.3 billion in profit cost as a result of the Note 7 fiasco. Anthony Lacavera, Globalive Holdings chairman and Bloomberg TV commentator, says that's too low and the company has a lot more to lose.


How Tony Lacavera is helping Canadian startups cross the "Valley of Death"

The founder of Wind Mobile says firms often fail to make the leap from mid-sized to global, and he’s got a $100 million plan to help


Tony Lacavera: Businesses have to be on the hook to invest in Canadian startups

Wind Mobile founder Tony Lacavera has already disrupted Canada’s clubby telecom market. Now, he’s setting himself a much bolder goal: ensuring Canada and its entrepreneurs play a bigger role in the global innovation economy.